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Why are Sports Massages good for my Horse or Dog?

Sports massage has a historic use dating back to ancient Egyptians, Chinese, Greeks and Romans.  In more recent times it's use became more developed for human athletes to not only perform better, but to recover faster with reduced injury.

It didn't take long for people to realise the positive impact that sports massage would have not only on the canine and equine athletes but also for the animals we keep for pleasure activities. Some of these benefits are listed below:

  1. Reduces inflammation and swelling
  2. Alleviates pain by relaxing and relieving muscle tension
  3. Improves muscle tone and increases range of motion
  4. Increases the blood flow; aids healing, quickens removal of toxins, increases flow of nutrients
  5. Reduces atrophy in inactive muscles
  6. Loosens and softens scar tissue by lengthening the muscle fibres and reducing adhesions

All these physical reactions to a regular sports massage not only improve posture and balance in your horse or dog but also help improve athletic performance.