Testimonials Horse and Dog Chiropractic Services | Worcestershire

Testimonials from my Clients about my Treatments to Help Correct their Horses and Dogs Back Problems.

My horse Sweetie used Emily and on her first visit it looked like we were going to need a vet but Emily gave it her magic and said we will see what happens after a week. A week later Emily came back out to see how the therapy had worked and Emily was that pleased at the result no vet was needed. I was so pleased I could not only see the difference in her slipped pelvis but my horse felt like herself again. After three weeks and another bit of magic Sweetie is fully recovered and I would happily recommend Emily. She is not just a nice person but she knows her stuff and what is best for the horse. 
Rachel amison, wythal
We can’t speak highly enough of Emily, she is so understanding, kind and gentle. We know who to call should our dogs ever have a problem with their back or movement. We have told all our friends about her.
Emily was very patient and took her time to treat Sam in a very quiet manner. After one treatment there was a huge improvement in Sam.
Misty and Freddie also love their full body sports massage both before and after competing. I find her service invaluable as I know they are in top shape going into the competition and also that afterwards she will relieve any aches and pains from the day. She truly cares about my horses and I know they are always pleased to see her!
Caroline Horsley, Worcestershire
You have such a kind gentle manner it is hard to believe that you can make such a difference.
Jane Beach, Salford Priors, Worcestershire